"Living in a small town, access to other experienced tap dancers is very limited. Growing in this art form is difficult. Bring Tap to the People has done just that - brought tap to my students and myself.

Since starting the first two series (Series 1 & 2), I have grown more confident in my abilities as a tap teacher and perpetual student. These tutorials have changed the way I see steps and connect them. My phrasing is more sophisticated. The Bring Tap to the People tutorials are an excellent supplement to any level tap teacher. The abundance of exercises, combos, and teaching tips makes it well worth the investment! Because of Bring Tap to the People I am a better dancer and teacher and my students benefit from the knowledge I have gained."

Nathan Feburary - Pineville, LA

“OMG! Let me start by saying that we only clog at our studio. I have a tap background but unfortunately I stopped dancing at too young of an age (biggest regret Ever!) I never got as much tap as I would have liked, and now I clog.  My friend and studio owner and I worked on your tutorials tonight with the counter - rhythms and claps, and we spend a good amount of time on this laughing at each other LOVING IT! We will definitely incorporate this into our classes! Thank you so much for sharing!"

Jen -  Waverly, TN

“Thank you for giving me the “OOMPH!” I needed for the new dance season! I have been in a tap rut and this has totally pulled me out of it - I can’t wait to master Series 1 and move on to Series 2! Thank you for inspiring me!" 

Sarah - Fallsington, PA

“I just wanted to send a quick message and thank you! I love the tutorials - I have my own syllabus I have developed over the years but have purchased a few individual videos to mix it up and challenge myself as a teacher. I am in Orlando and there is not a lot of strong tap, so the internet and convention teacher classes are where I get my info!  These tutorials are great and are really pushing me as a teacher to look at and redefine my classes too! Hope to take a class from you someday!"

Kristin - Orlando, FL