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Experience some one-on-one time with me guiding you through some fresh classwork to bring to your students (or yourself!). I hope you can identify with my approach to teaching, as you take your tapping to a new level! Progressions, Center Work, Across the Floor, and hard to reach "Trick Steps" are broken down just for you. Questions? Don't be shy, just shoot me an email through my Facebook fan page and I'll help you push through to the other side. Remember, these lessons do not have an expiration date!  You can use/reuse for years to come as they become a part of your tap curriculum!  Think of it as an investment in your future students and tap training! 

Series 1 and 2 is a WIDE variety of individual steps, progressions, trick material, and some light center exercises that will keep your class busy for months on end!  You can purchase each individually, or save with the Series 1/2 Bundle.

Beginner Hoofer is geared toward the beginner tap dancer, young or old! Learn how to do those basic, fundamental steps, and how to execute them so they are clean and crisp for more advanced material!  This is a big portion of my beginner syllabus, along with some great teaching methods that are tried and true! 

 Nothin But Combos -  GREAT center choreography for the intermediate and advanced tap dancer to kick-start some choreography of your own!  I lead you through 8 8's , with music suggestions and tips and tricks along the way!!! Also included is a variation of my int/adv warmup!! 

Classics With A Twist - featuring guest Justin Myles, an all - encompassing series with great combos, exercises, articulation drills and MORE - always with the #bringtap classy twist! 

Nothin’ But Combos part TWO! - MORE of the good stuff, featuring guest artists Justin Myles, Greyson Davis, Jason Janas and more! 

COMING SUMMER 2019 - “Three and A Break!” - a series dedicated to Time Steps!

Feel free to email me and keep me posted on your progress!! 

Happy Tapping!!

Kaelyn Gray